Suicide Epidemic

In Australia we have an epidemic.

In the mines across Australia five people a day are committing suicide. This is unacceptable. From talking to people still working in this field, the reasons are

a)instability - being on a causal basis due to unions and contracts with the instability and uncertainty creating fear

b)working conditions - productivity and hours up, conditions down 

c)loneliness - working in a hard hot pressure cooker AND being away from the lifeline of familiarity love and compassion

d)family breakdown due to lack of hands on support as one parent is home, one away, and the daily commitments

Farmers have faced drought, export issues, shut downs, interference from government and climate agencies, which make it almost impossible to continue as a viable business, and through general lack of support, empathy and compassion from cities. It is also cheaper to import for a lot of the businesses who do not care about or support local business.

Then there are the millennials currently “twadults” -teens and young adults. Through a change in the way to raise children many of this generation has no optimism, drive or motivation and are much more sensitive with too much choice ending with scattered thoughts and decisions leading to procrastination. Simply put, they are raised to do whatever they wanted, given grades and awards for just participating and wrapped in cotton wool. Given far too much “choice” when they hit the real world they see it has no relation to how they were raised. They are ill equipped to deal with today's age.

With technology and social media everything is instant and in your home or hand. 

You can upload a video or photo with little to no thought and have it viewed immediately around the world. It is also the most sexually exposed time where it is normal to post what was private on social media into the public eye.