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Everyone everywhere has had suffering, or will have at some point or time in their life.  It is how you see it, and how you deal with it, to the extent that it will affect you in the future.

Suppressed emotion, unshed tears, swallowing your words and living with fear, manipulations and abuse are the root cause of all that our clients are suffering from, and showing up in the symptoms they present with.

Someone somewhere told them, or showed them, they were not good enough, or rejected them in some way.  Something happened in this person's life where they felt the control slip, and felt unable to proceed without adapting a soother/ coping mechanism.

Somewhere in the person's life they lost their self esteem and confidence, and started to doubt and second-guess themselves. 

Sometimes people are completely unaware that they have issues, and believe everyone feels the way they do. It is not until the symptoms pile up, or they start to come undone, or start to interfere with their life that they acknowledge it is there.

A lot of people have anxiety about being enough, having enough, being the best.

What are you running out of time for?

Isn’t being alive, in this life, in this body enough to enjoy all that is on offer and to share that with the people that you choose to share with?

Having a sense of gratitude is both a state of mind and a change in perspective.  It is not easily done, but once you do it, you can see how calming and peaceful it is.

It is not your place to be someone's source of happiness, nor is it anyone's job to be that for you.  You are in charge of your mood and how you feel.  At any time you can change how you feel by switching on your happy, and turning off the sad, bad, mad or unhappy.  Sounds simple doesn’t it?  It is.

Having negative self talk or thoughts?  Interrupt that conversation in your brain, and say nope.  Switch to something that makes you feel instantly happy.  This can be thoughts of someone you love, this can be a memory that made you entirely content!  Whatever it is, for you it is individual to how you make the process work.  Switch yourself on so you can change the channel. 

Live in the moment.

Patients who contact us are ready to change.  Even if they are not quite sure what or how far they need to go.  They are there because they are sick of how things are, and want to improve on something!

The magic of how to be successful is in the patient.  They hold all the answers, the key to the success.  It is only them that can decide how quickly or how deeply they decide to go TODAY.  Some might make a small transformation in the first session, and make a dramatic and massive change in the second session. And some only need one session to release all that pent up repressed emotions.

To be the very best LISTEN to what they say.  Use the same language they use.  Throw it back at them using the same dialogue in hypnosis. Gently push them to a step over their comfort level and always be guided by their actions.

Then they understand they are not alone.  That they are not weird, strange or broken.  That this is in fact completely normal, and everyone has issues of some sort to deal with.  They are so much more open to change.

It is important to help them face the hard part, being supportive and keeping them safe while they clear away what ails them, and then to reaffirm the confidence self esteem and love for themselves.

To tell them that every night they will relax easily and wonderfully and go over the course of the day in their mind, and be asleep before they finish, and while they sleep they will heal, repair and grow.  That in the morning they will wake enthusiastically, full of energy and with excitement for the day!  That they will face all challenges and wilfully head on without fear, and grow from any learning that is taking place.

That life is full of ups and downs, and to expect delays, breakdowns and endings.  It is how you perceive it that is the golden ticket.

Once you have changed your perspective you can deal with life a lot easier. Being grateful to have love, to be loved, to be passionate about something, and get to do it every day. 

That is living.

Appreciate what you have and value it.  You don't need to validate or defend or justify yourself to anyone but yourself!  Always find the silver lining in any situation.  Never worry about whether the glass is half full or half empty.   Be grateful you have a cup AND SOMETHING IN IT!

You are you and no one else. Never compare or copy.  Be authentic.

Do not make excuses.  Just go out and do what you need to, to get to where you need to be. Only you can judge if you have given it your all or not.

Release the past and people that no longer serve you today.  Nothing behind you will help you today, except wisdom and experience.  With release comes forgiveness.  While you are still tied to something from years ago, you are unable to move forward.  The strings bind you there, in the past, stuck.  You are not forgiving them, you are releasing them, and yourself.  Forgive  yourself and those around you that you love, and always be accepting of people as they are.


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