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BREATHE REST GRIEVE Meeting Wayan from Eat Pray Love Bali Spiritual journey grieving

Updated: Oct 30, 2019



Jake died May 31, I arrived in Bali June 07 2017.

I was advised to leave home and travel to make the transition easier for us as a family, after losing a vital much loved, son and brother.

So here I am arriving in Bali. What was I thinking? My world had shattered and I was struck stupid, I had no business being overseas at all.

I had a rude awakening when we arrived, I realised that I had to get my head on straight, be aware, super aware, we were in a foreign country and had to keep myself and my children safe. NO more Zombie. Back to being the general and in charge, well at least till we were safely back in Australia.

We got picked up by the resort driver, on the way there to our luxury hideaway, the driver started talking about the spiritual meanings about their culture and the houses, how they are laid out in specific rooms.

I asked “The Eat Pray Love movie was taped here in Bali, any idea what town it was and how to find the lady spiritual healer?” No, he said.

The closet town was 30 mins away and it was a hive of activity, thoughts of the healer were gone and we were tourists. Me desperately trying to find a decent cup of coffee!

Resting in the resort after a day of sightseeing, I googled to find out more about this healer as now the idea was in my head I was eager to see her in this time of emotional and spiritual crisis, grieving my son. Not much to be found really.

I did come across a blog by a lady who visited and had some details to contact her and an address, other than that it was like a needle in a haystack.

I tried to contact Jero Wayan Nuriasih (Spiritual healer) it seemed impossible to get a hold of her, the phone just rang out. I didn't want to miss out on the opportunity or the experience of seeing Wayan, while here in Bali. It seemed as though karma to be in the town closest to her, and I felt drawn to visit her for healing now. Find some direction, hear something that may settle my mind, soothe my suffering, or some answers, to unknown questions.

Someone else booked the trip for us, but as fate would have it we were 30mins away from the EAT PRAY LOVE HEALER, Wayan.

What are the odds of visiting a country I didn't chose (was a toss up of Bali and Phuket) a place as big as Bali, right at the spot I needed to be?

I eventually got hold of Wayan she said maybe this afternoon, she’d ring me for an appointment time. She didn’t and phone rang out again, but eventually I found the place and waited outside as it was locked up. I asked the neighbouring shops when operating hours were and no one really knew they said just wait or keep checking in.

On our last day there we spent the majority of the day in the town, my daughter and I walked back several times and FINALLY the door was open, there were people inside so we sat on the step outside and waited our turn.

Wayan clinic UBUD, BALI 2017

The fee to see Wayan was approximately $80 AUD and when I met her she looked very different from the movie portrayal as did her ‘clinic’. I met her daughter who was a grown woman and had hair down to the back of her thighs.

During the consultation Wayan asked for birth details etc, and from what I gather used a combination of astrology, numerology palm reading, plus her own intuition to get the numbers down that were the ‘map’ of health spirit and life journey.

Wayan had me hold a yellow flower in my hand and thumb to finger while she held my hand and wrote furiously down. Then she had me do a series of standing bending positions, and looked at my tongue face and took my pulse.

There was some paperwork to fill out, just general information, as well.

For the health part Wayan was able to tell me what I had suffered from previously, my current health, and what to expect in the future. She was pretty accurate with up to date so assuming the rest would be accurate too. She said i had burnout, looked at me strangely, saying “you never sit down, overworked! So busy hard work” I kept quiet, letting her senses and her intuition make a prognosis.

Next the life journey part of love. She had exact ages and length of relationships that I’d had previously, absolutely no way she could have known and it was exact. She also predicted future love which as it stands she said 42-43 I would meet my true love, close to 44 now and that has not happened lol. YET!

Next was Career As far this was concerned again she was very accurate with the past and semi accurate with the future. Both with the health and career unknown to me I had a brain tumour, so that did change the outcome. I would get very unwell and then spend a year to try to build strength and recover, which would affect my career.

She then talked to me about the great sadness she could feel from me, I hadn’t told her I had just lost my son, she said she felt I was stuck in the here, and across to a loved one.

My eyes watered up and a cascade of tears I had been holding in fell. I told her i had lost Jake a few days ago. She sat silent for a little while, seeming to get really quiet, closed eyes and communicating with spirit and her intuition. She got up and did a ritual for Jake to guide him with some smoke and chanting.

She told me I can hold on to him for now, but that I had to let him go later, he was with me, but he had to go for a final time and I would know when.

She then did a facial with herbs and plants, she said my skin showed my illness my burn out, the last years of caring leaving little time for health, all on my face.

She did another ritual for me, smoke and chants over my head and said it would help me clear my head from just grief to have some thoughts back to functioning.

Lastly she put some herbs and salt into my ears and oil on my face and said I was cleansed ready to go home and rest because I was going to need all my strength to get up.

Well, she was right about that. I struggled with the tumour and its effects, weak and took 18 months to gain strength and recover.

Wayan gave me some herbs and some plant seeds, some incense and some leaves, for free to take home with me, she said her guides told her spirit wanted me to have them. While looking to the pham-let later, I realised how very generous it was, the total cost of these was expensive.

Wayan, is very gifted in her readings, health diagnosis, her advice and her spiritual healing's. she is a lovely woman, busy albeit she was so busy she was back and forth between me and another. Wayan is exactly as her reputation describes, It is well worth the effort to travel to her town, and the time it took to get hold of her, the experience was memorable. I recommend Wayan as a “must do.”

She said to me the exact words my son said to me over and over days before he died, “you’re going to be ok mom”.

I needed that waterfall of tears, I needed the spiritual rituals and foresight she gave me, and her generosity to a stranger, was heartwarming.

I was not sure what I was seeking when I began the journey to find Wayan or have a reason, I suppose since I was facing such a spiritual crisis, angry, hurt, stunned stupid, I wanted answers. She couldn’t give me answers but what she did say and do, gave me some peace. I felt I had accomplished what I set out to do, without knowing what that was.

Bali began to escape from the silence of our house after caring for my son all day everyday 24/7 365 in one room, one house, 17 machines keeping him alive, a hive of activity, everything needs doing, for 15years.

Mentally I was on auto pilot at the end. Precise but robotic.The emotional exhaustion at breaking point. Physically I was having seizures all the time, I had lost 12 kg in 10months, slept 1-2 hours a day, and was ready to drop.

I had complete mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual burnout.

When he stopped breathing, my heart stopped, my breath caught, and suddenly there was silence.


No activity, not needing to stand 24/7 the shock of sudden change, what had become normal, was now the exact opposite.

I was not needed, and the house was silent.

We left Australia to transition the harshness of our home without Jake. What I found was a spiritual journey I was not looking for.

I had an experience with Wayan a famous healer I watched on EAT PRAY LOVE, what are the chances of it ‘just happening’.

While in Bali we saw signs of Jake communicating with us. An old cover photo of original Star Wars we have hanging in Jakes room, we saw painted on the front and sides of about four trucks in total, just driving past us.

My daughter Caitlin, Loni (my son) and his GF, we enjoyed sight seeing, doing activities, explored the markets. I tried my hand at bargaining and very happy with the results. I bought some beautiful things home.

Caitlin got Bali belly REALLY BAD, the other two got it but not as bad, so they spent 2.5 days “dying” in the resort. Too afraid to eat anything now except from one place in town which I had eaten at every time and not gotten sick.

When we got to the airport we were so happy to be going home lol.

When we did arrive back in Brisbane, we were very grateful to be home and not worry about where and what we ate lol, and no one loves their bed better than someone arriving home after a holiday!

So I guess the suggestion of leaving the home for a transition to be smoother worked.

Everything happens for a reason. Us being so local to Wayan, the Bali belly, meant that when we did come home, we couldn’t wait. FINALLY HOME.

Thank the angels we are home, made it safely.

Something that was not even a minute thought before we left.

Jero Wayan Nuriasih Spiritual Healer


J. Jembawan No.5 Ubud

Ph : (0361) 8843042

Hp : 081 933 017 155

HOME: Rumah Lingkungan Junjungan UBUD


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