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$20 all 12 signs 

psychic readings as seen on YouTube

Burning Question

If funds are limited but you have ONE burning question, this is for you. Half page reply email. 


EMAIL       $45


AUDIO       $55


Year Ahead - EMAIL

6 mth forecast two cards each month to give main focal point that needs your attention.


1 YR forecast Two Cards for each month to give you the main focal point that needs your attention.



$65   30 mins

$85   45 mins

$125  60 mins 



$50 MP4


Psychic Conversation

A MP4 guided meditation to a deep level into the  psyche where you are able to call in a passed loved one, for connection or closure - having the psychic experience yourself, boost your intuition & meet your spirit guides, to enhance your abilities. 


             $85 MP4



$50 MP4 



Karma Kollection KK

Outdoor Wedding Shoot

Love Karma - ready to cut the cord from past life & present Karma? This is a 6 MP4 set to end it permanently & call in your Twin flame Soul mate.

Boxing Session

Health Karma - limited self belief systems have you trapped in a cycle of poor health addiction anxiety stress depression PAIN, not feeling worthy.

WELCOME in the best health of your life.

6 x MP4

Dollar Bill in Jar

Wealth Karma - stuck in the poverty cycle so long you think it's not possible, but a dream to be financially successful. Here is the key to unlock all the potential 6 x MP4


Life Karma - self worth, lack of drive/ambition limited self belief systems. FEAR find purpose, Empowerment success motivation confidence determination all this & more. 6 x MP4


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