Getting the skinny : a lockdown on kg for eating disorders (a new perspective)

Updated: Sep 7, 2019

Fixing a weight in permanently, works in various ways to end the horrible cycle of eating disorder.  It works by giving the individual the chance to feel empowered by locking in a weight.  While it can  also help the parents of anorexic and bulimic children, to give relief and to help cure the disease.

Once the initial work has been done to correct the lack of self esteem or breakdown in confidence, the most important factor in helping the patient back to permanent control of their weight, is in the negotiation of what it a "safe" weight to stay at.

This can be a number contributed by the parents, the patient and the therapist. Once everyone is happy with the number this can be updated into the subconscious through authoritarian hypnosis. 

The benefits of this are 

1 - The patient does not have the burden of worrying about every single mouthful that goes in.  It gives them back the power and relief from panic, replacing it with relaxation and peace when it comes to eating. 

 2 - The parent has less stress by understanding this process is permanent. The patient will not gain or lose weight which gives them relief

 3  - A wonderful tool for the therapist to put in place to give confidence to the patient, but lacks the faith in themselves to continue on their own. 

 4 - The great thing about having a safety net is the pressure is off all the parties so the panic can stop, and this leaves them open to the real business of healing.