A pleasant shopping experience or corporate manipulation??

Have you ever realised how the advertising of products is a manipulation of your senses and triggers a direct emotional and physical response from you to feel, purchase, eat or buy?

Have you ever heard a parent say their child or husband has zoned out and is so absorbed in X-box PS4 they are almost oblivious to their surroundings?

Have you ever wondered why suddenly you are hungry once walking into a grocery store or mall?

Quite by accident I found the answer to this phenomenon while trying to actively get attention from Master18. After asking a question twice with zero response, I looked at what was so intriguing and realised the music playing in the background of his game was theta music.

psy•cho•acous•tic / adjective

"A branch of science dealing with the perception of hearing and sensations produced by sound, in which sound affects you emotionally, physically and mentally”.

You could think of it as a form of music psychology. Our brain’s ability to become flexible and/or transition through various brain wave frequencies plays a large role in how successful we are at managing stress, focusing on tasks, and getting a good night’s sleep.