Where theres smoke there's fire, a 5 step solution to putting it out!

Smoking. A common thing, quite popular in the decades before people realised that umm it may make you feel cool sophisticated, part of the group, the cool crowd, but its a death wish in the shape of a cigarette.

Whether started to be just like everyone else, succumbing to peer pressure. Using it to aid stress anxiety boredom, social setting with alcohol, it feels familiar, a friend, a comfort, which is why putting that down permanently is an issue.

Why do we smoke? Habits fears phobias all stem from an originating root cause somewhere in the past, when you find that, you find the solution. Smoke and mirrors to self soothe from the problem and look like you are fine. "I'm fine!"

Having hypnosis will work to remove this permanently because you address the root cause and set in its place (smoking) with an alternative method that is better for you.

Quit today using these 5 tips to ensure you do it!

1. Make a Quit Plan

  • Be honest about your needs.

  • Why you want to quit.

  • Set about a strategy, have plan A, B, C.

a. Hypnosis to find root cause, acknowledge, release, set default trigger for the future.