Waiting...Waiting on the world to change.

Updated: Jan 27, 2019

"And one day it will all become silent.. Still..  This is the moment you will wonder.. Relevance.. Why?"

I struggle to understand how people have come to this me me me, now now now attitude where they expect everything and feel entitled.

Cultural manipulations and political correctness are ruining the diversity of society we had the pleasure of being a part of.

My son accepts everyone for who they are and has empathy for everyone yet he has no movement. He is isolated. He is stuck in a body that has let him down, frozen, twisted in pain and contractions due to a mutation in DNA that no one can explain. He speaks up for those that cannot, even if he cannot move to reinforce his words.

The multiculturalists want to integrate minorities and change the very dynamic of the hosting country.

Yesterday on social media a doctor, a female one to project the political correctness, states “woman are aware that muslim men find our state of undress as promiscuous, and acceptable in their culture to rape such undressed woman. Therefore the women here must take accountability for their clothing and dress accordingly”.