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Waiting...Waiting on the world to change.

Updated: Jan 27, 2019

"And one day it will all become silent.. Still..  This is the moment you will wonder.. Relevance.. Why?"

I struggle to understand how people have come to this me me me, now now now attitude where they expect everything and feel entitled.

Cultural manipulations and political correctness are ruining the diversity of society we had the pleasure of being a part of.

My son accepts everyone for who they are and has empathy for everyone yet he has no movement. He is isolated. He is stuck in a body that has let him down, frozen, twisted in pain and contractions due to a mutation in DNA that no one can explain. He speaks up for those that cannot, even if he cannot move to reinforce his words.

The multiculturalists want to integrate minorities and change the very dynamic of the hosting country.

Yesterday on social media a doctor, a female one to project the political correctness, states “woman are aware that muslim men find our state of undress as promiscuous, and acceptable in their culture to rape such undressed woman. Therefore the women here must take accountability for their clothing and dress accordingly”.


A few years ago there would have been a riot at any suggestion that a victim has dressed to invite an attack.

What does she say to the two year old little girl raped in the fields of her home, because her family refused to bow down and convert to their religion? Perhaps her indian PJ clothing was inviting the rape that required seven surgeries and not being able to urinate properly again.

If caught in the act itself their god told them to do it, they can then redeem themselves asking for forgiveness, do penance and its gone. Forgiven because they asked for forgiveness.

The religious hypocrites state a right to claim who can marry, who when where and how when it suits their argument, yet the same religion breeds pedophiles who rape children and cover it up or let it continue.

Yet my son is waking every morning surprised he is alive and enthusiastically breathing, even though he has not the energy to get out of bed or move.

He didn’t sleep well he says. Its hard to close your eyes and let go when you fear if you do, you won't wake up.

He says “I feel death coming mommy and I’m scared”.

“why do you feel that death is coming honey?”

“I feel it pulling on me, making me tired. I think I used up all my energy mom. It takes away all my energy making me heavy and empty. I can’t fight it I’m too tired.”

hugs all round and then......

“I think I’ve used up all my energy now and I’m running out”.

He wakes. He lives. He enjoys all with the enthusiastic enjoyment of wonder that a young child does. He waits.

Scratching your nose, he waits. A drink, he waits. His patience is long. His love for life is infinite.

The USA that has sold out its amendments to get hold of a few million barrels of oil.

“We do not negotiate with terrorists!” A strong slogan yet they DO negotiate with terrorists when they get benefits? The best country in the world leading the way? Yet your amendment to bear arms is antiquated, and goes back to times of war and not relevant to today's world. Guns kill. Australia took the guns away and no massacres since. America has one every day it seems but as long as they have our “right to bear arms”.

Time is ticking and taking away life and we are worried about what is in it for us.

Perhaps the view could be changed to how can I make this world benefit all of the people I hold dear to me? How can I improve myself so that I am contributing to this world and not draining it?

My son is trying to steal every last bit of life out of this one, regardless of what is left working in his body. Yet he smiles and is grateful for life and his heart beating. He does not complain of loss yet he has lost it all. He does not go to school. He stays in his room and watches the outside world from this chair/bed. He waits.

I am not interested in how people have worked out their body parts in the gym or for how long. No one want to see a picture of your food. I couldn’t care less what my neighbour drives. I really only care if they are decent human beings or not.

Perhaps having the blessing of knowing the greatest person that has ever lived has taught me that there is only one thing in life that matters and that is to live. To adjust as life changes you. To be grateful.

We cannot stop being ourselves and accept a cult (not a religion as in the koran there is no mention of clothing in relation to the religion or the woman, nor about bombing anyone into submission).

This is a fanatical oppressive cult who in all purposes wants to dominate the world. Like Hitler. And they will hurt, maim and kill all that do not conform.

The Jewish community lives quite happily amongst the rest of the world and has never tried to push it on anyone else. Neither do a lot of the oldest religions in the world.

I cannot watch or be a part of all this hate and oppression when my world has become narrowed to a send-off for the most influential person in my lifetime. What I learn from him everyday amazes me. He is very special and has touched the hearts and souls of many without force. Just love.

The aim for today should be: What can I do to make my part of the world wonderful today?

If we all focus on this, it can end the wars fighting and bring peace to all. Being responsible and taking ownership of ourselves, our actions being a part of a wider community, instead of just me me me. If everyone does this it will surely change the world.


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