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Those that poo poo the loudest are the most frustrated!

Those that poo poo the loudest are the most frustrated!

It can’t be done!

That is impossible!

I want to see data, and i want to see long term scientific studies over 10 years.

People who yell the loudest and say it is impossible are generally the ones who have tried and tried again and failed.

Very little imagination, too frightened to try something new or different, cannot see past their nose. Therefore when someone else succeeds where they have not; they must be either lying, fudging the numbers to coerce the results because it just cannot be possible that someone else has succeeded where they have not!

If you have remarkable results with something someone else has had difficulty with or failed miserably, they cannot fathom how you have succeeded where they have not. And therefore must be untrue.

How about understanding we are not in competition.

If you would stop accusing someone of being unprofessional, insulting them by call ing them a liar. If you actually asked them, perhaps you may learn how to succeed as well OR how to see something differently outside the box and have a lot more success in other areas of your life.

Either way learning is a wonderful thing, there is so much to learn and not enough years or time to do it in!

Catch more flies with honey than vinegar?

There will always be haters in life step aside go into the fast lane and leave them behind to choke on your smoke!

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