The Bottomless pit : a cheat sheet to avoid endless eating

Negative thought patterns or stressful periods in your life create a need or craving, to eat sugary fried treats to fulfil a empty need inside.

Watch any romantic comedy where a woman or man has had issues in love. They alway promote the image of trackies, floppy joe and a tub of ice - cream!

It is easy to see where we get brainwashed by Hollywood. Encouraging emotional eating empty calories in a time of emotional emptiness or burden is a viscous circle.

It can take struggles with low self esteem, to let one self sabotage your life body and health by automatically reaching for emotional fulfilling foods that you know are not the best choices but definitely fit the bill at the time.

Lifelong habits are hard to break, even with the wealth of knowledge available. By being mindful of what is put into your mouth, the time of day, and how you are emotionally feeling at the time will help to eradicate even the most stubborn of habits.

Hypnosis is an excellent way to end habitual lifelong issues with emotional eating, easily and effectively for a permanent solution.