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The Bottomless pit : a cheat sheet to avoid endless eating


Negative thought patterns or stressful periods in your life create a need or craving, to eat sugary fried treats to fulfil a empty need inside.

Watch any romantic comedy where a woman or man has had issues in love. They alway promote the image of trackies, floppy joe and a tub of ice - cream!

It is easy to see where we get brainwashed by Hollywood. Encouraging emotional eating empty calories in a time of emotional emptiness or burden is a viscous circle.

It can take struggles with low self esteem, to let one self sabotage your life body and health by automatically reaching for emotional fulfilling foods that you know are not the best choices but definitely fit the bill at the time.

Lifelong habits are hard to break, even with the wealth of knowledge available. By being mindful of what is put into your mouth, the time of day, and how you are emotionally feeling at the time will help to eradicate even the most stubborn of habits.

Hypnosis is an excellent way to end habitual lifelong issues with emotional eating, easily and effectively for a permanent solution.

Here are 8 reasons we eat eat eat

1) Sleep - insomnia lack of sleep leaves the body exhausted. While the body requires energy it therefore attempts to regain that through food.

2) Thirst - Hunger can often be misconstrued for thirst and usually rather than re-hydrating, it can seem a lot easier to keep snacking

3) Sugar levels - short bursts of sugar which are burnt quickly creating the crave for more is a viscous circle

4) Boredom - Not being mentally engaged sometimes eating bingeing before being conscious of the act.

5) Irregular meal times - By keeping the time of eating regular the body knows it’s meal is coming. However if it does not, it does not know when it will see food next, start craving and storing food for starvation.

6) Emotional - being emotionally attached to food whether consciously or not reaching for food as a source of emotional release or fulfillment.

7) Not enough food - bad food choices, amounts and poor irregular meal times creates not enough energy output required by daily workload.

8) Digestion - Not chewing food long enough, not eating food slow enough. Mindful slow considered eating giving body time to enjoy and digest.

It's easy to feel overwhelmed by trying to change negative patterns of emotional eating. These often turn out to the greatest opportunities to empower ourselves. And when you empower yourself over your emotional eating with food, this newfound power will spill over into every other aspect of your life.


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