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Switch off to switch ON!!

Why are people suddenly not coping with everyday life and spiralling down out of control. Is this an age of breakdowns??

Is it that the generation of networking, online publicity, the very real danger of being on view at all time that puts pressure on people to maintain a standard they feel is the norm?

Is this now a society of must have instantaneously and no one wants to wait to grow appreciate the journey but just get results NOW.

APPS are designed to make everything at hands reach and quick!! So people expect everything perfect today now!! When it doesn’t because life is about up and down, people cannot comprehend that and panic.

Every part of their life is lived out on social media creating a whole host of difficulties that the older generation that did not have this accessible technology have when we were growing up. Can you imagine how you would be if someone had secretly taped all the adventures you got up to as a teenager?

Instead the biggest pressures we had were clothes. Crikey how would we survive without the latest new phone that costs the same amount as a persons monthly mortgage payment!!

Perhaps the idea to the increasing mental emotional stability of todays generations is to switch off to SWITCH ON!

The pressure to maintain and be superficial is so strong it is over whelming.

Also the dangers of every cowboy bully keyboard assassin who is cutting and destroying in the comfort of their home regardless of the responsibility in their actions to others.

Before going online to check Facebook.. put the phone on the table and close your eyes and check in on YOU!

SPEND a few minutes just relaxing breathing and seeing how you feel internally and externally.

Talk to your partner or friends in person.

Facebook Instagram, GOOGLE + Twitter Snap Chat do not need a photo and video update of every second of your day

#get a life #switch off to switch ON!! #get real #just saying


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