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Still call Australia "Home"

An Australian is someone who lives by the core fundamental, ethical, moral, cultural and traditional values. Abides by the laws of the land, participates and contributes to the country.

No religion colour race gender or sexual preference has any bearing on being an Australian.

We are part of the Commonwealth, under the majesty her Queen and should be proud of our flag and anthem. 

In Australia it has always been a way of life where cultural ethnicity is congruent, accepted and practised. We are a friendly, happy, relaxed nation, enriched by our natural resources, stunning wide open natural land and opportunity for all who work hard. 

A tourist destination widely sought by many of the other countries, a place many want to visit explore and spend their money in. We have a lot to offer as a country.

Our politicians stopped listening and acting for the people a long time ago. Sadly greed and personal pride have stripped the government of being a voice for the people. No other business can consistently have poor performance, blown budgets, poor decisions, excessive spending and excessive benefits, whilst giving themselves raises annually. Anyone else would be demoted or fired for absolute failure to perform. The politicians should stop all life long benefits to themselves right now, except for the prime minister who by rights of position deserves his pension. Money saved can go to the budget.

A country is only as strong as its weakest link. By that standard alone we as a country have failed. What is our weakest link? The poor, the sick, dying and elderly and those that take care of them and animals. 

As a nation it is our absolute duty to make sure those that need help have it, and with dignity. That every single Australian has access to healthcare and basic resources and support.

We waste money on referendums that once done are ignored. Waste money on inquiries that are neither acted upon or changed if found wanting.

Our first responders that put their lives on the line to protect and save us are not given adequate money, care or resources and are disrespected daily. 

Our court system needs urgent review for the safety and continued peaceful running of this country before lawlessness is out of control. Right now paedophiles, rapists, murderers and those that harm animals do not get adequate sentencing, rather a slap on the wrist that does not send a message of fear, but rather repeat offending. 

All religion should be taken out of our public schools and replaced with singing the national anthem. All government funding to all religions should be stopped immediately AND all religions should pay taxes. No one religion should have any precedence in this country. Religion should be taken out of politics, schools and every day life. It is a personal preference that is individual and private. 

Sexual preference is NOT an identity, it has zero bearing anywhere, other than private sexual relationships. You are a M or F for identification purposes.

Biologically only ONLY WOMAN with a womb, can have a period or get pregnant, FACT.

Sex ed was always information on your reproductive body, how not to catch pregnancy or STD's. Now it is grooming kids, confusing kids, far too explicit and dangerous for the mental and the physical well being of our children. Safe schools was SUPPOSED to be there alongside sex ed to have someone safe to talk to about any personal sexual questions. Promoting "no gender", trans and drag, the tiniest % of Australians on all children, is harmful and unnecessary.

Parents who indulge in this gender THING are putting pressure on a child that only needs to reach milestones developments and be a kid. Those parents wants, need to show how progressive and open they are to everyone else, to the detriment of their child.

Things in Australia are changing. an Australian cannot have more than one wife nor receive assistance, yet Centrelink awarding the right of Muslim men to have several wives receive payment.

It has long since been established that those that abuse, hurt, maim or torture animals is a doorway to becoming a serial killers, yet still the punishment for animal cruelty does not deter or fit the crime. It is our duty to protect all animals in this country. 

It is our urgent duty to close the door to everyone right now, to pool those resources towards health, the sick, elderly, dying, disabled and their carers. Infrastructure and roadways have been neglected in the massive influx of population, not ready to support such a boom, that hospitals and services are at breaking point, dangerous and risky to the whole of the community. We simply cannot afford anymore people to enter, we do not have the resources at this time, we already fail Australians miserably. 

We must get the country back in budget quit the reckless spending, (ie 50 million dollar statue) stop paying excessive wages and benefits to the politicians. 

Anyone who does not live in this country should not receive a welfare payment. 

Anyone who enters Australia, breaks the law or refuse to assimilate will be sent home.

If you can work, you must contribute participate and work together with your fellow Australian to make this a great country for all.

The Veterans that fought for and died for us and those that are living but forgotten is a national shame on us all, the state we find ourselves in. Almost can be said they fought for nothing as our leaders are giving our country and way of life away.

The indigenous need to be involved with the recovery of indigenous people and culture. Resources thrown at the problem has not worked. Ask them, their leaders, elders what they think, what solutions do they have, and work together in empowering them for real change. Its time to ask them ONE OF THE ELDEST RACES IN WORLD, their view on Climate (since they have been on this land 40-60,000 years makes them more expert than others) and how their laws and culture have helped the race's longevity.

It is a shame that right now Australia is having an identity crisis, trying to impress other world leaders, bow down and become a nanny state the most politically correct ever. 

Falling over itself in the world race of who can be seen as most tolerant.

Australia is one of the best most advantageous countries to live in and we should all be proud to be Australians. 


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