Still call Australia "Home"

An Australian is someone who lives by the core fundamental, ethical, moral, cultural and traditional values. Abides by the laws of the land, participates and contributes to the country.

No religion colour race gender or sexual preference has any bearing on being an Australian.

We are part of the Commonwealth, under the majesty her Queen and should be proud of our flag and anthem. 

In Australia it has always been a way of life where cultural ethnicity is congruent, accepted and practised. We are a friendly, happy, relaxed nation, enriched by our natural resources, stunning wide open natural land and opportunity for all who work hard. 

A tourist destination widely sought by many of the other countries, a place many want to visit explore and spend their money in. We have a lot to offer as a country.

Our politicians stopped listening and acting for the people a long time ago. Sadly greed and personal pride have stripp