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Shhhhhh subconscious whispers!

Shhhhhh subconscious whispers

I over analyse situations because i am scared of what will happen if i am not prepared for it.

I am not honest with myself because if i am, I may not like me.

I'm afraid i will have to make a choice… I am not ready to look at or make.

I am afraid that if i stop my secondary gain, will I be accepted without it?

What happens when I am no longer a victim, will I be strong enough to survive?

If I am well, if things become better I'm not quite sure I will know what to do next.

I stand in my own way because if I let myself heal completely, I wont know who I am anymore.

I hold on to the last 5Lbs because i need it as a crutch to remind me I'm not quite good enough.

I over analyse people and their reactions to me because it keeps them at arms length.

I keep people at arms length so I cannot be hurt.

I project the image I want people to believe about me. Im lying.

When I am on my own sometimes, I don't like the choices i've made or myself.

When asked how I am, I answer "I'm fine" when really i am dying inside.

I am lonely even in a group, because I feel no one understands me.

I can't be myself, because I'm afraid no one will like me.

Subconscious keeps me down, when i want to get up.

Fear keeps me where i am, afraid to fall, afraid to fail.

Courage yells "what if you don't".

Which one do you feed?

Which one helps you, which keeps you stuck in fear?

Which will you choose to listen to now?

Contact me when Courage wins out.


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