FAT breakthrough!!

"your mind is suffocating by the fat of trauma. It cannot see a way out"

A breakthrough made in obesity!

Wasting valuable resources and energy into the continued supply of emotional feeding a slow death. Is the cause of FAT!

Fat is an issue of soothing what ails deep under the surface layers. A continuous cycle.

The disease of self hate, low self esteem breeds feeling of unworthy and deserving. Burying them under layer upon layer of fat. Produced solely by soothing the sadness, with sweet quick fix highs. That crispy fried sweet treats promise, to deliver love. Where there is none.

When you shed the weight of the burden of trauma away , soothed what ails, the source no longer needs feeding :thus weight loss occurs.

SCRAPE THE FAT from the subconscious. Be transparent, honest, look within. RELEASE the emotions, the swallowed words. The burden that drags down the mind, to where soothing is the only surviving option. This alone weighs a ton!