All Lives Matter - Don't they?

The saddest thing in the world today is that no matter how wonderful technology is, how far advanced we are, that a person's skin colour is still the value of judgement.

Personally, when I see someone, the colour of their skin is irrelevant. I judge them by their character and actions.

The outside is no reflection of the inside. Sometimes the prettiest most handsome outside is the most ugliest inside and vice versa.

As research and history shows, the colour of a person's skin has zero relevance on how far they will succeed, or how deeply they love, create or motivate.

Given the same opportunities and support anyone can reach the top. The only ingredient needed is desire, hard work, perseverance and persistence.

The USA has just had a year of riots, racial tension and unease where the first responders are disrespected, murdered, and systematically run down for their white skin colour.

BLM (Black Lives Matter) and the angry, aggressive, agitated young millenials are jumping at every chance to scream and make a racial issue about any and everything they can.

Don't forget they just had a black President for eight years, they have a black caucus, they have special college scholarship programmes to help sup