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All Lives Matter - Don't they?

The saddest thing in the world today is that no matter how wonderful technology is, how far advanced we are, that a person's skin colour is still the value of judgement.

Personally, when I see someone, the colour of their skin is irrelevant. I judge them by their character and actions.

The outside is no reflection of the inside. Sometimes the prettiest most handsome outside is the most ugliest inside and vice versa.

As research and history shows, the colour of a person's skin has zero relevance on how far they will succeed, or how deeply they love, create or motivate.

Given the same opportunities and support anyone can reach the top. The only ingredient needed is desire, hard work, perseverance and persistence.

The USA has just had a year of riots, racial tension and unease where the first responders are disrespected, murdered, and systematically run down for their white skin colour.

BLM (Black Lives Matter) and the angry, aggressive, agitated young millenials are jumping at every chance to scream and make a racial issue about any and everything they can.

Don't forget they just had a black President for eight years, they have a black caucus, they have special college scholarship programmes to help support and achieve.

The poverty/welfare cycle, gangs, drugs, high young parent rate, and unemployment are in all colours. The sense of entitlement does not stick to one skin colour. There will always be someone who has their hand out.

Look at the history of Black Americans. Sold into slavery, often by their own country, shipped to the USA and treated appallingly. A white president stood up to an unpopular view and insisted, encouraged by half the white country, to have a bloody horrendous war to right this wrong. White men fought, bled and died to free the slaves. To bring them freedom and rights. This was at great cost to the country - the homes lost, the devastation, the raped and murdered women, homes lost by soldiers who took advantage of the absence of men to protect them. The great American flag flew high as the smoke cleared. The sun rose over the land of flowing blood and hills of bodies, but the battle had been won. America the land of the free - for all!.

Some of the black people took advantage of the price paid to free them, and the hard work it took to iron out things, to make it equal for all. The white marched along side the black. They all worked together to make available these resources programmes to help the transition after the war. .

Today some of the black people say “you want me to say thank you to white people for freeing us when we never should have been slaves??”

That is like saying a woman is raped and about to be killed, a policeman saves her and instead of a thank you she says “you should have been here faster. I hate you, its your fault you, and the next 100 years of your heritage will apologise to me.”

No one today was a part of the horrible slave world. Yet why is tension so rife now? Especially as the shout of racism is disproportionately associated to black people being shot by a policeman who, when investigated, were found guilty. There may be some bad cops, but to blame and hunt the entire force is also wrong.

Black on black crime is their biggest killer. Cops kill white males statistically higher than black males.

Riots, disruption, fires, murdering cops and innocent white people, chants to kill all white people. Blocking roads and interrupting citizens getting to and from work, school or day duties. White people pulled from cars, beaten, spat at, burning the flag that flew high the day there were freed.

The Native Americans owned the land. They have been given a token piece and that's it. They were nearly wiped out. The atrocities were done to them for doing nothing but being the first people in America. Recently they showed their dignity, restraint and their strength. Peaceful protest. Dakota. They sat, they waited, they stayed silent. They did not react or become violent despite the rubber bullets or the tactics used to disband. They refused to move or to back down. The whole world cried with them and the most amazing thing happened. They succeeded!!

WHY do they not burn down their homes, stop traffic, violently protest and chase down white people to kill or hurt due to the past? Do they not have more reason to? Because they want peace for all.

Lets not forget the Irish, Asian and Italian slaves (never mentioned but doesn't change history) and later the immigrants that also built the USA. You will find a large number of Irish in the first responders.

There are horrible people in all races, look at the KKK. An extreme group of angry white people who the rest of the white people said NO we will not tolerate you. You are not what USA stands for.

Most black Americans are proud, patriotic, work hard, contribute, have high positions (like the outgoing president), and live like everyone else. A small percentage want a war and to provoke, bait, and riot at every chance.

Can't we just respect each other? Treat each other based on character and actions instead? Or is that too simple?


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