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7 Simple sexy steps to size NEW YOU!

1: Look in the mirror have an honest transparent look at what you look like and how you have contributed to your size. Be brutal real & forgiving.

2: Let it go! Release the emotional soothing connected to food replace with enthusiasm for your passions. While you are at it let go of everything else!

3: Close your mouth to: a) excuses to why your fat b) foods you know make you fat c) negative self talk

4: Move your body - not just for weight loss but for the oxygenated blood giving your brain & body fresh blood for clarity focus and better flow. Release the natural feel good endorphin while feeling grounded taking time out for you.

5: Lose the kg's of people in your life who you are dragging you down stealing your shine & energy. If they don't give you what you give them LOSE THEM!

6: Lose weight in all areas of your life re size reassess and rejuvenate your life dream big! Anything is possible.

7: What others think of you is none of your business so stop trying to justify being defensive or people pleasing.


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