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6 Hot Tips Fire up your passion when life happens & put your dreams on hold

Updated: Sep 7, 2019

So you have set your intentions, dreams and desires, you are ready to fire up getting started being successful.

You’re so excited filled with enthusiasm charged and chomping at the bit….. then life happens.

Restrictions, stops, starts u-turns, cancellations, delays. All applying to make what you had invested so much thought energy and intention into, is now put on hold at best or struggling to do it with a hand tied behind your back.

Perhaps it is a myriad of distractions. Fear letting self sabotage take advantage of a situation. Making it out to be worse than it is, as an excuse to not being able to follow through with your intentions due to fear.

What is fear? It is your body responding in skin tingles, (hot or cold) rush of adrenaline, stomach pull, increased heart rate, dizziness or dry mouth.

But when directed, it (FEAR) is a perfect opportunity to create a miracle to face your fears and soar!

Fears and insecurities tend to rise up to call a challenge from your psyche. When you let profound calling to learn and evolve with courage and strength, facing your challenges or fears head on. Tense situations uncomfortable moments are growth experience and a wealth of wisdom.

When you step out of the shadow of fear, view with love set your intentions goals and dreams you will manifest it in your life. It just takes practise or for some - a first step.

For others life’s telling you to slow down, take your time, to follow the process. Enjoy the transition, the creative process. Do not miss any steps or force things to move quicker, else the whole dream can be built upon shaky foundations. Meet all the requirements, check details, you will have strong foundations and a legacy that will stand for generations.

Your circumstances may have changed but you can dedicate your time wisely. Dictate the progress doing what you can, at the time you have available. Research and development. Web design and marketing. It can feel frustrating when you want to get started, but your life has put restrictions on your intentions now.

Rearrange yourself set a daily work list, make it achievable, follow it religiously. Keep it simple. Keep it consistent until your restrictions have been lifted and you are able to go full charge.

Set your intentions - did deep think about what you love what your passionate about, what skills you have. Then move forward bravely with courage, fulfil a visionStep up to the challenge - research be consistent ignore old thought patterns dedicate less time to frustrating negative talkDo not give up - life will go up and down with ebb and flow you must be consistent dig deep make a schedule and stick to it. This is your dream if you do not value it no one willUse the time to do behind the scenes things like web page, research, marketing, up-skilling. Make a plan set a date for launch.Be realistic do what you can and outsource what you cannot. Do not crumble at the first hurdle or sign of trouble You will be glad you stuck to your guns when you are full-time in your chosen careerEnjoy the process, transition the creative birth of your intention desire dream or goal. You will find all failures lead to success and doing it yourself makes the cherry on top twice as sweet.


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