6-24-6 What shrinking after Supersizing Looks like

Updated: Sep 7, 2019

I have been a slim woman my whole life. Having been a long distance runner and eating decent food kept my body in great shape.

But I was teased endlessly growing up. “Lucky legs, lucky they don't snap and go up your ar$#*”. People pick on thin women almost as much as they do overweight ones.

Coming from a background of severe trauma and abuse resulted in other symptoms, but not weight gain in my personal case. Low self esteem, self confidence and poor personal love came as a direct result of the trauma.

However, getting pregnant for the first time, I went through a period of self doubt, loneliness, and hormone overdrive. I was feeding, no gorging, on foods to console myself. At my worst I drank 4-6 litres of coke a day, and not one but two man-size meals every sitting.

I went from a size six to a 24 in five months without even realising it was happening. I had fooled myself into believing this was “normal” during pregnancy. Telling myself that it was “all baby” and when the baby was born it would go too. I was blind to my image in the mirror, and honestly didn't see the damage I was doing to myself.