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Parent the Parents - Raise your children!!

The first relationship we have that will rule our lives forever, is the one with our parents. Good or bad it will reflect on how we relate to all areas of our lives in the future. 

It is where your confidence, worth and moral compass is formed and learned. 

If one or either of the parents has an addiction, it will reflect on the relationship between parent and child and will impact how the young person relates to addiction and relationships in the future. 

If one or either of the parents suffers mental issues or depression, if there is a cycle of domestic violence or welfare mentality, this will affect the future of the child. 

The child then goes on to educational, sporting and community groups, where the rules at home and here will also directly wire the child’s future. What is acceptable in mood, physical actions and emotion. 

Later in the child’s life they will choose and then date a person, mimicking the relationship they had with their parents - good or bad, and continue in this cycle until there is a de-hypnotising, or break in the mind frame, or worse case scenario, a climactic emotional event like suicide, mental breakdown, near death or death. As well as choosing and living their lives (whether it is food health financial and friendships) also reflects what was the “norm” from childhood. 

Bill Gate's speech to high school, an excerpt from the book “Dumbing Down our Kids” by educator Charles Sykes, was a warning way back then. It is a list of eleven things you did not learn in school and directed at high school and college grads.

It reflects perfectly what I am conveying in this article about how political and societal agendas have ruined an entire generation of people, resulting in the oversensitive, confused, me me me, instant gratification, suicidal depressed, angry and unable to cope generation. 

The day political parties and society entered the family home and said "raise your children this way” and “everyone has a right to feel and have an opinion” was the first cut to humanity, which has been haemorrhaging ever since. 

This is the same generation who are “non binary” neither male nor female. 

This also coincides with the most recent parental fad of raising “gender neutral children”. The results will be worse than the previous generation. This will be catastrophic! 

Transgender people figure the sex they wish to live usually as soon as they realise “my brain thoughts and feelings do not match the body I was born into”. 

A parent must raise a child in a safe, stimulated, loving environment with rules, discipline and routine to best give them skills to succeed in life. This includes the gender. You are now putting pressure on the child to choose. Why? Why make an issue where there is none? If at any stage they do decide, they will tell you. But to force this on all, is extra emotional pressure which will only cause confusion and emotional disturbance AND isolate them from society. 

Never before in the history of the world has any generation ever done this to their children. 

Schools are bending to the pressure of the “trophies for all” mentality which denigrates and downplays the efforts of the best and hardest working. 

Schools have tied teachers hands behind their back and given them more hours, plus told to ‘raise’ the child, award grades and trophies to all regardless of effort. Teachers are abused physically and emotionally by parents and children. Parents wonder why “my child is failing” - well, they didn’t participate or put in any effort in their education. 

Now we have this generation ready to get a job, a partner, vote, drive, and have children themselves!! 

The stark reality is no one in the real world cares what you think or feel. You are expected to conform to the rules of employment and society and the country you live in. No exception. They are failing at life because nothing they were shown during the most crucial part of their life reflects life at all!!

So they are depressed, suicidal, making poor life choices, and unable to cope with the harsh reality that in the real world. The only people who succeed are the ones who work for it. 

Life is hard. You will have ups and downs. You will be dumped, knocked back and fired. That's what growing up in a well disciplined home and school was SUPPOSED to set you up for. 

What do we do now? “I told you so!” will not fix the problem. The cycle must be broken. 

What needs to be addressed are relationships with partners, friends, family, their health, mental health, financial or educational institutions, employers, groups and society, OR THEMSELVES.

With one word KISS. 

KISS - Keep it simple stupid.



BOUNDARIES: RESPECT - me my things my people 

       DON’T - lie, cheat, steal coerce or manipulate me 

        COMMUNICATE - talk to me and I you 

IF YOU CANNOT REMEDY using communication then it’s the time to choose what you in your power will or will not accept, and act accordingly.

MIND YOUR BUSINESS - CLEAN UP your backyard, home, life FIRST don't worry what everyone else is doing. You control you and nothing else.

BE RESPONSIBLE - whether it is your life, relationships, finances, health, or your moral compass YOU are in control of you and your choices. Whether good or bad you must take control and act where best you see possible.

CLEAN UP YOUR MESS - understand that you are also responsible for your mess. Whether this is your actions, your home, health, relationships, your environment, the physical aspects and EMOTIONAL as well. Go out, leave it in a better way than when you arrived. If you instigated an emotional mess, take responsibility and clean up. 

DIBBER DOBBER - do NOT be complacent in your life and be a witness to but not take action as part of society. If someone is breaking the law or hurting someone anonymously alert the appropriate people. 

I have a dream that parents will parent, that society will stand up for the basic moral and ethical values, and that the fundamental beliefs and values that make us human will become fashionable again.

I dream that people will wake up and turn off the tv and social media and spend that time, that valuable time, with those they love.

That society will not look the other way when there are atrocities to humans or animals. 

That people will get to know their neighbours but still mind their business and not worry what the other is doing unless it is significantly affecting them by being unlawful. 


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