Parent Separation - coexisting with the Prenemy

Even with all the best intentions and effort, unions can come to the point of ending, where the family needs to separate.

The reason is irrelevant. The most important thing for everyone to keep focused on is the child’s best interest.

If there is a domestic violence, drug/alcohol abuse or dependance, then the family will need help in this matter, as well as help in mediation on whether they are able to participate in parenting at this time.

If it has been established by an independent health professional, then it is in the best interest for parents to put their feelings aside and do what is best for the child.

Some parents are so hurt about the breakup of the relationship they use the child as a trophy or prize. They use the child to gain advantage over the other parent.

Sometimes the other parent may withhold money as a backlash to a separation, or as a threat to gain physical access to their child.

In some cases the parent may leave and not want to have any more contact with the