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Never underestimate the result of a good bang!

Updated: Mar 25, 2019

"I always enjoy the simple things in life..."

Sometimes in a therapy session it is the simple things that will gain you the best of results, the biggest breakthrough.

When a person has struggled with an emotion, a person who finds it difficult to release, let go, to even acknowledge how to start. A practical hands on approach can work miracles.

Start with getting them to close their eyes, bringing the emotion forward and naming it. 

Let it become stronger and stronger and then get them to blow into a balloon (i use black for aesthetics) blowing hard with as much force, strength and emotion as they can bring about. Make them labor and keep encouraging them to release this into the balloon.

Then tie a rubber band on the end of the balloon and place on the wrist of the person, asking them to get it off. To get angry, to be forceful to get physical with it and watch them struggle and flail their arm around for moments.

(the struggle brings up anger frustration emotions or tears)


Tell them to stop struggling with the effort of getting it off, and to remove the balloon just take it off.

NOW remove the balloon from your hand.

"Now pop it!" They may hold it against their body, try to pinch it sit on it or grab an object and stab it.

They always laugh smile or cry.

Then ask them, do they feel better now that THEY have destroyed the emotions that have been stalling their system, slowing them down making them sluggish. Keeping them stuck & impeding their freedom?

Tell them they are free. 

Simple, easy but effective.


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