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April 8 2019 Weekly forecast

Updated: Sep 7, 2019


This week there is a decision that you need to make but you are up in the air about which way you want to go about it. Now in one sense it is about doing for others and being a priority for you, and the faith in yourself or the situation to see it through that is interwoven in this decision. Regardless of which way you go you do have the full support and backing of those around you and whether this is about something material or internal it is time, and you know it.


A brand new start relocation or move is in the works and everyone around you is super excited and happy for you. Leaving behind things you have committed to and been who you always are is difficult, so you leave some part of you behind. Is that you are temporarily traveling or relocating or starting a fresh new journey and leaving behind something to come back to? You’re taking a leap of faith, a chance on you this is leaving the old you behind, maybe that is all it is.


You are stuck in a place of contemplation, the lines are blurred, thoughts unstable, due to some unexpected event OR Delay that has shaken the foundations, and rocked your world. Made you question everything. You know have to commit the role the decision, maybe you had an unexpected offer or proposal in any aspect and that was what put you in a tail spin, made you feel flighty. This is meant to be you can’t delay this forever. Take the hiatus plan strategies, pro’s con’s list. A time to focus now, hard work pays off. Your decision the union the agreement will be done.


You haven’t been able to move forward because you didn’t know what it is that you wanted to move towards. Was it too much on offer you couldn’t decide, too many options? Was it this is revolutionary and have the freedom to choose but making a decision was unclear unsure felt risky and too hard to commit to?. This week the fog clears you can look out and see what options are available to you nowise all that is on offer maybe this is actual move or travel or finally deciding on which way you want to push forward and doing it!


You are evolving from all that you once knew the self belief systems that have kept you safe and well. Or so you thought. What you have relied upon to get you through is well beyond its useably date and is/has stopped you in your tracks, limiting restricting your mindset your joy your success. You are transitioning healing after a time of self imposed or any restriction frozen with fear paralysis whatever has kept you stuck and you are empowered by that and take action. Somehow your experience can help others maybe it is you helping someone else out or you with a habit addiction - its healing evolving and empowering now.


After the hard work you have put in in practical tangible ways to gain, whether health or wealth, you can now look to the next goal or step in your journey. There are options there whether that is sponsoring mentoring or employment offered, question is what do you want and are you reassessing the journey due to a change that asked you to stop a way of doing things, which has opened up the world of options for you, and this is banking your future.


Time to listen to your intuition and see what else is out there for you now that you have seen things more clearly. Eye on the prize or the ultimate life you want. There is new insight and inspiration brewing within. Your future prospects could be deeply affected for the better but you need to draw on the information. You are winning banking and looking to what else you can achieve, it may be foreign education or extra training. Spotlight is on you but you must have balance to feel whole.


People are at odds with each other but you can see a window of lucrative opportunity for you, as a result.

Is someone else leaving a role where you can step in? Is this an unexpected move up or away an invitation to start something fresh new and exciting? You are winner winner chicken dinner turning the tables, creating something from nothing, using your talent and intuition to make some magic.Ask for advice if its too good to be true or you are frightened to take the chance. make it happen and see this is the turning point you have been waiting and praying for. Its solid for your future.


In matters of fertility or project or budding love, there is something this week to bank on, a next level feeling that takes you forward from where there was difficulty or doubt about it. You can feel relaxed assured and safe now, what has been averted or if it was indecision, you have focused on it you have the all clear, from others or from within. You can leave that worry behind you now.


This week you are stuck in your own thoughts or a physical illness binding or restriction, where you are down and out or feel like the matt has been swept out from under neath you. TIME OUT. Rest hiatus focus. You can have your support or backing gone suddenly or a sudden onslaught has knocked you down on your ass. It can be you and the internal struggle with anxiety self doubt or self belief that keeps you trapped. Look now to the options available to create the revolution you want. Freedom is on offer, take it.


Looking into options to do with your career and finances. There are options available to you but you have to decide what you really want and then go for it. You cannot have the success you seek unless you look within and be honest, reflect on what you desire, lose the restricting belief you can have it, or can’t commit, because there is news coming that the future of finance and career is there and you can have the information you have been waiting on to progress given to you, success is yours.


It’s taken some time to get up and make the movements forward or taken action on feeling good about your future your decisions and curb the fear you can’t do it achieve what you want. This week you see that while the going is slow, you have an offer proposal that is real, it is practical, your making progress and start to see the results this week.

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