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Addiction comes in many forms and guises and so it does not matter if you are struggling with a particular substance or just a troublesome thought pattern.

Addiction at its deepest root comes from a place of fear, and this fear may be caused by many things, failing to meet expectations, coping with a loss or trauma, loneliness at the end of a relationship, loneliness at any time or even a serious of challenging life events.

Similarly, our coping mechanism can take many a form. It may be drugs or alcohol, it can be food, social media, negative self talk, abusive relationships, fears habits or addictions. What ever the cause or form of our addiction, we are united in the same root cause, fear.

In many western societies fear is given a bad reputation, but it is one of our basic instincts. An emotion that protects from, and alerts us to dangers all around us.

It can alert us to risky situations, potentially harmful people and more,

and yet it so easy to try to quench this fear, instead of letting it run its course.

The ways in which we hide from our fears can become addictive behaviours

turning in to automatic actions, that grown outside our conscious control.

Ask yourself

what am i afraid of?

what am i hiding from behind the cover of this addiction?

Perhaps you are afraid of failure, or even success, rejection: inadequacy : or being seen a certain way.

Maybe you are hiding from consequences from an action or an event

or any emotions from a long ago time that you do not want to face head on.

Now ask yourself

what do i have to gain by holding on to this fear?

perhaps it is a reason for not having to achieve something

or a justification for a mistake you have made, maybe it is safety or some other comfortable state of existence.

Despite our best intentions and most careful plans, we are not strong enough to resist our habits, ours resolve may be weakened when we are confronted with the substance, thought pattern or action we are addicted to

or confronted by a potential trigger.

By using alternative medicines or therapy as part of your way to a addiction free lifestyle you can permanently change the direction of your life, health and success.


Nutrition, exercise, sleep, hydrate.

Mindfulness, meditation, trigger techniques, Hypnotherapy.

Psychology, Counselling, pills, patches.

Social support, family support, groups and forums.



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