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hypno -your- BIRTH 

Whether you want a support person with you during your labor, or a bonding experience with your partner, I offer both services.


Take control of your body during this beautiful wonderful milestone, take away the fear of pain during birth, to relax to enjoy this remarkable miracle.

Learn the techniques to self sooth. Self Hypnotise for any discomfort during the birthing process giving you safety control and peace of mind during the best moments in your life.

Benefits are that you follow your birth plan, stay serene calm, bounce back quicker, with no drugs or intervention, for health & safety of yourself & baby. You and YOUR partner work together as a team, encouraging him to be as involved as he wants.


my services

Learn Self Hypnosis

No Drugs

No Stress
No panicking
Keep control 
Safe serene & a bonding experience, working together.


Traumatic past delivery & want to remain calm serene during the next pregnancy.

Classes will be 8hrs over 2 days
Can bring 2 support people,
any more incur a fee.
Small intimate classes one on one focus.
$100 extra person
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