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The Business of Decision Making

Updated: Sep 7, 2019

Decision making is about being assertive by making choices for yourself for or against depending on the situation, time place or person.

Why do decisions cause so much stress anxiety and concern when pressed to be made? When put under pressure to make a final choice a person can experience increased heart rate and pressure, sweating, dizziness, frustration and anger.

Some times the decisions we are indecisive about have no greater consequences than each other. They are neither here nor their. Even the worst outcome would result in being even.

A decision with a poor outcome is not failure on your part or a negative in character, but a learning opportunity to evolve in experience and wisdom.

Some decisions are much greater and have life long repercussions and would need a lot more time and consideration to undertake:

  1. Career

  2. Marriage

  3. Buying home or car

  4. Family

  5. Long term future investments

When making important decisions it can cause panic, stress in an emotional and physical response in the body.

Especially decisions with repercussions consequences that can be final, so to make these in the best possible light it is to consider:

  1. We are not now or in the future always right = we make mistakes due to information, time, outside influences, moods and emotional pull.

  2. Decide with integrity = what is the best over all decision for all concerned including myself in the longterm within the realms of honesty integrity and morals

  3. Our feelings at the time about the decision and or the people place or situation involved may play a part in which way you decide.

  4. Some times a decision was based on how the outer influences made us feel at the time, a knee jerk response or reaction.

  5. The best information available to make an informed decision at the present time

A decision not made at all, is a decision to not decide leaving someone else to do it.

When other people make decisions for us in our stead, it can have far worse consequences. For other people have their own agenda, and may not look after you.

I know my own interests my intent is pure for the best outcome for me. Where as others prime motivation is their best interest.

When you have a desire to do something, when a decision must be made always centre yourself to balanced equal. If you stray off bring back to centre.

Alway look a the pro’s and con’s and never be rushed or forced into moving on any decision before you are ready.


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